PROFORE translates to:
Being useful in the future.

Know the future and minimize risks

You understand your business, we understand futures. Let’s bring the two together!

PROFORE stands for research into holistic, probable and consistent images of the future. We support our customers in recognizing opportunities and threats at an early stage and in making long-term provisions for the future. In this way, we enable them to better classify their desirable futures and to strive for them in a targeted manner.

We are methodologically secure, digitally organized, excellently networked and set up with maximum agility. Our customers don’t pay for unnecessary overhead that no one needs. And we act based on values.

We combine scientific methodology and the latest findings from futurology, economics, social, societal and neuroscience. We are known for original creative techniques and addressee-oriented communication. Our set of values is based on the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Organizations need to align with them sooner rather than later to be economically successful.

This is our mission, which is also in the name.

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