You are …

… Executive, Innovation Manager, or part of Organizational Development?
… dissatisfied with the innovation capability of your organization?
… looking for a program that takes your future skills to a new level?

Get trained as your organization’s Foresight Expert and ensure sustainable future viability, increasing sales and new perspectives!

Masterclass „How to future“

We are convinced that every person, every organization can explore futures. This crash course is a first step to enable organizations to apply futures research or foresight themselves.

Scientific foresight is closely related to technology assessment and cybernetics. The principles, methods and techniques of the organizational variant called foresight (strategic foresight) are even younger, especially in German-speaking countries, but will even be introduced by the German government in the 2020s. Primary courses of study at German universities have existed since 2010.


Designed for whom?

The Masterclass is designed primarily for corporate and government executives, as well as digital officers, innovation managers, division heads, and anyone who wants to acquire in-depth future skills to advance their field.


In this compact Foresight Masterclass, we provide you with the basics for exploring possible, probable and consistent images of the future. With an alternation of lecture, workshop, discussions and exchange, you will quickly and to the point get to know the common methods and tools that are important for your industry and your company. For the greatest possible output, we will identify your business foresight topic for the practical workshop in advance. The Masterclass concludes with a certificate of attendance.



  • Presentation of industry-relevant trends for the next 10 years
  • Basics of futurology and foresight
  • Methods and Tools for Corporate Foresight
  • Presentation of common methods and uses of the scenario technique
  • Corporate Foresight Tool: Method workshop for scenario technique with your example

Get advice now and secure one of the six masterclasses in 2023 for your company? We will call you back!


10 – 12 AM

  • Welcome and short round of introductions – pitch your futures
  • Trends of the futures
  • Practical examples of corporate foresight techniques
  • Workshop with subsequent exchange of experiences

12 AM Lunch break

1 – 3 PM

  • Basics of futurology and foresight
  • Basics of the scenario technique
  • Exercise task with subsequent discussion round

3 AM coffee break

15.30 – 16.30 Uhr

  • Scenario Readiness Assessment: Use cases and exchange of experience with scenarios
  • Corporate Foresight Methods and Tools
  • Reflection, feedback and conclusion

Two weeks before the Masterclass, we will show you in a preparatory meeting which options you have for working out concrete scenarios from your company. In a follow-up meeting one week later, we will jointly review which of your suggestions are best suited for implementation within the framework of the Masterclass.


After completing the “How to future” masterclass …

  • … you know how futures work and how to use them successfully for your organization.
  • … know the most important basic concepts of corporate foresight, including appropriate purposes, embedding in existing hierarchies, required resources as well as possibilities and limits of the methods.
  • … be able to explain the added value of futurology for the organization to superiors, employees and colleagues in a well-founded manner and with the help of numerous practical examples.
  • … you know how trends and megatrends emerge and which upcoming developments lend themselves to a closer look in your organization.
  • … you have become familiar with a range of methods and techniques suitable for future-proofing the organization.


As a futurologist and keynote speaker, I have been able to get to know more than 350 organizations since 2015 alone and accompany them on part of their journey. From DAX30 corporations such as SAP or T-Systems to various chambers of industry, commerce and crafts, ministries and medium-sized businesses in rural areas, I have been able to both broaden the perspectives of pioneers and bring fundamental work for digitization and sustainability to the field.

As a mission-driven person, however, I quickly realized that it was unrealistic to reach all organizations in this way – with lectures and study projects. So I began to think about how I could disseminate the knowledge of futurology more effectively.

The idea for this masterclass came about in early 2022 during a consultation meeting with a state justice minister. He wanted to know how the ministry could get better at recognizing developments like the metaverse earlier and assessing their relevance.

This is what I would like to support with this course.

Zukunftsforscher Kai Gondlach Zukunftsinstitut, Foresight Masterclass


1 day


4 pax min.
20 pax max.


Live Online-Event


4.500 Euro
+ 350 €/pax from 5th pax